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  • Student of class KG has won GOLD MEDAL.

Director's Message

Dear friends & parents,
I delightfully welcome you in to the Mother’s Love Play School family. It is my vision to provide the world with motivated, responsible and disciplined youth, to shape... Read More

Principal's Message

I welcome you to the world of love, laughter & learning which are the three pillars of the school. Mother’s Love Play School has grown over the years, celebrating childhood & nurturing understanding... Read More

About Mother's Love Play School

Mother's Love Play School builds future of your children by imparting knowledge to them through play way method of teaching. The learning process is very easy, interesting and absorbing. It is a unique method in which children’s attention is never distracted from learning. It is the best method of imparting education to the children in the beginning... Read More


School plays vital role in the education of the children in the beginning. They are completely unaware of school environment. We have friendly learning environment that plays an important role in overall development of children's personalities. Tiny kids learn very easily through activities that are relevant to their lives. They learn here everything related to education very easily through examples.

The role of Parents

The role of parents is as much important as of teachers and school in building the future of the children. Mother is the first teacher so she has to be careful of her child’s all activities and family is the first school so the atmosphere within it should be education friendly. The interest and involvement of parents in the education of their children is most vital.

The role of Teachers

The role of teachers is vital in shaping and building the future of the children. Mother is the first teacher and family is the first school. So, the teachers of our school shower as much affection on children while teaching that they don’t feel being away from their mothers. This is the unique characteristics of our teachers.

The role of Principal

Principal leads all activities in the school from the front. He or she is as much interested and involved in imparting best possible education to children through the easiest receptive method as in its growth. Principal co-ordinates the teachers and keep close watch on the progress of children and school.


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